Hope Amidst Desolation

Dear Kenyans, the apocalypse is finally here with us. This is the worst nightmare, but soon darkness will be over. We shall prevail.

My stringent belief is not merely out of the woods. It is a profound reflection upon the battles that our planet has encountered in the past and prevailed. Infectious diseases have always accompanied humans wherever they go, and often, surpassed the baseline levels of infection (outbreaks). However, our people have shown a great deal of resilience, and normalcy always resurges.

I know you are scared of COVID-19, we all are, but history teaches us to be strong. We are the remnants of the 56 million people who succumbed to smallpox in the 17th and 18th centuries. The black death that loomed the face of the planet in the 1300s. Our ancestors also prevailed in the recurring outbreaks of influenza and cholera. These and many more fasten my belief that the world today will face out COVID-19. It may put a scar, just like all others, but eventually, we will emerge stronger than ever before.

What’s more is that science and technology give us more reason to be calm, a sense of reassurance that it did centuries before. It is fascinating to see a country build a fully operational 1000 bed hospital in only eight days. More so, it is elating to see our very own government upscale the production of hand sanitizers, to combat this tragedy that threatens our very bits of survival and existence.

What I learn from the history of pandemics is that we all have choices to make. Sit back and criticize every attempt to contain the threat, or join hands to inspire those bestowed with the task to restore normality. Most importantly, the wave will always retain a more educated population. One thing we are assured of is that every generation is better than its preceding; we are better than the generations that faced the black death, stronger than the generations that suffered flu, enlightened by the ages of Ebola. Together we shall see the battle against COVID-19 through. Together we are strong.

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