Our Perception, the Greatest Killer of Dreams

The greatest challenge we face is not a result of a lack but in the failure to utilize what we already have. In a country full of resources like ours, human capital is lacking.

We gnash and shout that the government is undeserving us. But the real question is, are you applying what you already have?

We live in a country with countless health scientists who fail to lead healthy lifestyles. Worse yet, our medical graduates propagate for unhealthy acts. Commencing with that medical student who chews khat to remain awake in preparations for the exams, to the one who turns to bhang when the course becomes tough. Well, this is insanity of the highest degree.

You find a graduate in sociology, but his/her social life is pathetic. Where are we heading with this kind of mentality?
The greatest tragedy is not extrinsic inadequacy, but the misinformed identity. We attend school for over a decade; learn tons of content, but we become uneducated immediately we leave teaching institutions.

Well, our perception is heading us for doom, with a blurry and uncertain future. We forget that learning is a lifelong process and not a one-time event.

We cry and wail that the society is not giving us enough. But what little are we giving to the community? If we can’t use what we have, even in the slightest, then we cannot be trusted to serve in that which we do not have.

If we only focus on ourselves, uncover the great potential that is in our mortal selves, develop a passion for serving; then we’ll surely take our nation to the next level. We will undoubtedly have something to do, and joblessness will be a history to remember.

Simon Waihura, the author of this article is a passionate Research Scientist (Medical Microbiology) with a keen interest on transformation of societal vices to virtues.

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