The Aggrandizement of the Woman

The admiration I have for the Maasai tribe is immense. Maasai men are born and raised to be warriors, father figures and leaders, while their women spend most of their time learning how to cook, clean and raise up children. With such a norm of clearly stipulated roles for each gender, there is absolute marital peace among the Maasai.

Kalenjin men like dominating in the marriage and they utterly distaste women who try to battle for supremacy in the marriage. With humble ladies, they stand out as the most loving husbands and fathers.

Among the Somali tribe, the preferred role is for the husband to work and for the wife to stay at home taking good care of the children. Consequently, Somali men have been described as the most responsible men. There are of statements, number without end, that paint the Kisii men in a wrong way but when it comes to husband materials, these people score optimally. All because of their knowledge of their roles and their ladies’ roles.

Traditionally, a woman’s place has been inferior to that of the average man. Until feminism cropped up, there had been peaceful dwelling in relationships and marriages. In the past, whatever was considered most valuable in society was placed under the jurisdiction of men and the trivial issues were placed under the direction of women. Everybody loved it that way.

For my fellow people of the Book, the divinely appointed position for the woman is that of subordination and it is her ruin to fight against that which God had ordained for her. The divine role for the man on the hand is to lead the home. Not in a dictatorial, condescending or patronizing manner but with loving authority.

In a hospital for instance you will not expect to be greeted by the doctor and treated by the receptionist. In like manner, there exists an immutable distinction between the man and the woman. Nothing and nobody in this planet can change that, not even the “intellectuals” trying to equate the man and the woman.

Feminists camouflage on feminism as being solely about social, political and economic equality whereas this becomes their leeway to disregard and trample down the distinct role and position of men in society. I implore the feminists to re-evaluate their stand.

In full realization of the fact that we are in the 21st century and that times have changed, common sense takes root. Sharing of some roles in a house where the man and the lady are people of the working class should not be in any way a subjection of distention. Similarly, a working lady getting to pay bills in a house where the man is jobless should neither be a cause for dispute. She should pay the bills and still know that the man is the head of that house. Numerous of housewives expect nothing less of their working husbands.

A man in his right senses would easily prepare meals, change the child’s diapers, and do some house cleaning in cases where the wife is expectant, hospitalized or even too much exhausted to handle some tasks. All these are done with the absolute knowledge that the man is the head of the house and the lady his helper.

“The feminist movement taught women to see themselves as victims of an oppressive patriarchy whereas they are not. Self-imposed victimhood is not a recipe for happiness.” Phyllis Schlafly

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