Vasectomy: The Cruelest Cuts of All

Lately, there has been a fuss about World International ‘Something’ Day. September 26th happens to be World Contraception Day. This day was instituted to focus on the rights of all couples to freely and responsibly decide on the number and spacing of their children. I found that brilliant and acceptable until I met a post on vasectomy; ‘Stop abortion at the source. Vasectomies are inevitable. Make every young man have one. When he’s deemed financially and emotionally fit to be a father, it will be reversed…’ I do not agree with a single syllable in that statement and so shouldn’t you and your entire genealogy. Reversing a vasectomy can only be equated to raising the dead.

World Vasectomy Day exists too. It exists as an annual event to raise global awareness on vasectomy as a method of contraception. This day was founded in 2012 by an American filmmaker, Jonathan Stack as he did a documentary on vasectomy. In the following year, Dr. Douglas Stein performed the first live-streamed vasectomy at the Royal Institution of Australia to an online international audience. A fourth World Vasectomy edition happened right here in Kenya and was broadcast live on Facebook. Then in November 2017, there occurred in Mexico, the largest male-focused family planning event in history where 1200 vasectomists from 50 countries came together. I do not know about you but I think such concerted effort should go towards alleviating global warming or breeding the endangered species of white rhinos.

When you visit a vasectomist, I imagine he would ask you to wholly undress and lay bare your testes on a surgical table or bed and ask you to look aside. He would then make a cut using a scalpel on your scrotum to reach the tubes called the ductus deferentes or vas deferens. Depending on your tolerance to pain, you would either squeal or widen your eyes in a manly manner while biting your lower lip without a sound. The doctor would then remove a small piece of each tube and leave a short gap between the two ends. The doctor might sear (burn/scorch the tapered ends with a sudden intense heat) or tie each one off with a stitch. Alternatively, the doctor may massage your scrotum to feel for each of the vas deferens and then use a clamp to hold them in place. He will then make a tiny hole on the scrotum, stretch it open and lift the ductus deferentes out, cut it, seal it by searing or stitching, or both. I do not want to imagine your facial expression as a patient by this time. What is the matter of life and death issue that any man should undergo this procedure?

A vasectomy aims to ensure birth control which it has successfully done to those who have undergone the procedure. The blockage keeps sperm cells out of semen. Sperms stay in the testicles and are later absorbed by the body. It is a one-time cost birth control method and does not affect testosterone levels, erections, climaxes, sex drive, and any other part of one’s sexual life. But why intentionally interfere with nature’s gift of manhood?

On the other hand, complications as a result of a vasectomy may include bruising, inflammation, and infection. About 1% to 2% of men usually have pain that doesn’t go away after a vasectomy. A few other possible but rare issues associated with vasectomy include:

  • Sperm granuloma (a hard lump or inflammation caused by leaking sperm)
  • Spermatocele ( a cyst in the vas deferens)
  • Hydrocele ( a sac of fluid around a testicle that causes swelling in your scrotum
  • Research on vasectomy making prostrate cancer more likely has mixed reactions. The American Cancer Society indicates that men who have vasectomies may be slightly more likely than other men to get prostate cancer.
  • The cut vas deferens can grow back together over time. As a result, the victim can experience a delayed vasectomy failure and have viable sperm in his semen again.

By all means, keep away from vasectomy. It is a cruel cut.

2 thoughts on “Vasectomy: The Cruelest Cuts of All”

  1. You should have seen my facial expressions the entire tym reading this …this is crazy,unacceptable but also on the other hand this is you men helping us women cz we go through alot with this birth controls ….
    Mose this journal is unapologetically too much

    • Haha! I still think any contraception method, on a male or a female, shouldn’t be one that would interfere with the normal anatomical and physiological functions of the body.


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